Hello awesome 8bottle members!
We hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

Hello 8bottle backers! We hope you’re doing well! 

Thank you all so much again for the continued support to bringing 8bottle fully to life and deliver your very own first 8bottle. 

We wanted to share some updates below on the progress: 

We have started the parts production and bottle assembly process. 

The assembly process is a bit sophisticated and delicate due to the amount of electronic parts inside the bottle. Such as the sipping verification sensor, LED display and hydration sensor. 

We anticipate the assembly phase to take from 1-2 months to fully assemble with proper functionality testing. 

We are very pleased with the quality of the production thus far. 

Based on these initial assemblies timelines, we project to ship in December. 

We appreciate your patience again throughout this process and your continued support.


Many of you have messaged us directly or have left comments to our team. We’d like to first start off by saying thank you. Please know that we’ve read all your messages and concerns. And we are here to fully support you.
Earlier we launched 8bottle pre-orders and we announced that we would be delivering around the April/May timeframe. Unfortunately this will be extended, as the previous time frame can not be met under present circumstances. We’re deeply sad to announce that we won’t hit the May time frame target due to continuous lockdowns at our manufacturing overseas, logistical challenges, and supply chain shortages. But despite all of that, rest assured we are making progress to complete mass production over the next couple of weeks. Afterwards, we will ship your 8bottle’s out.
The most important aspect of what we are building is our relationship and trust with all of you, our 8bottle community. We fully realize and acknowledge how this delay upsets many of our members, but rest assured we are working on bringing 8bottle as quick as possible to your hands. Us more than anyone have a duty and promise to bring you your 8bottle, and we will hold true to that.
Unforeseen delays due to global supply chain shortages, logistical challenges, and majorly manufacturing lockdowns in cities where our manufacturers are located. These lockdowns took longer than expected and they continue to happen.
One of the things we talk about a lot internally is that we will face unforeseen delays and challenges that out of our hands, that sometimes don’t align with our projected timelines. The key here is to continue updating our members, properly working with our development and our supply chain team to bring 8bottle here as quick as possible.
We will continue improving our communication and specific updates with our 8bottle community. We remain true to our mission and vision. Helping bring clean accessible water to everyone and giving our members the best hydration experience possible.
We’ve tested a few pilot units last week and here’s what’s currently happening with the delays and process.
1. We’re adjusting wireless charging efficiency. The bottom plate thickness is being adjusted to ensure the best wireless charging signal.
2. Our motherboard is going through a slight size adjustment to fit better and less interference with the hydration sensors to have higher accuracy.
We’ve done the following to expedite this process. We’ve asked our development and engineering team to staff an extra engineer during the pilot testing units phase.
Our Promise To You!
1. For anyone with an 8bottle pre-order as of May 23rd, 2022, you will receive all the premium software features that will be rolled out later this year and next year, at no cost to you all the way through 2023.
2. Free extra wireless charger for every backer.
3. Free customized 8bottle hook for your 8bottle.
4. We are no longer accepting pre-orders at this point for any of our previous pre-order pricing.
5. Continued urgency on our development and engineering team to bring 8bottle as quickly as possible and properly, to you.
We appreciate your patience and understanding. As we know this isn’t the most ideal situation as we wanted to deliver all your 8bottle’s by this month, we are certainly working on this as the top priority.
We once again apologize for any delays and we promise we are working on bringing the first units of 8bottle the way through to you.
We will be in touch shortly with continued updates.
The 8bottle Team